Beginning Bass Lessons

Our beginning bass lessons are great for kids, teens, and adults!

Whether you are building your skills for school band, a garage band, or just to fulfill a dream, we can help you play bass in your favorite musical genres.

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Intermediate and Advanced Bass Lessons

Students that are serious about their musicianship benefit from our "Excel" program.  Your private lesson curriculum is still customized just for you, but you are also eligible to:

  • Play with a band or ensemble
  • Perform or record special video concerts often throughout the year
  • Participate in masterclasses (live or virtual)
  • Prepare for state music association tests each year (if you choose).
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Dustin Goodrich guitar, ukulele, bass teacher Bass Teachers

 Mr. Dustin

 Versatile, Caring, and Fun

Logan Vicars guitar and ukulele teacher Bass Teachers

 Mr. Logan

 Creative, Entertaining, and Patient