Excel in Music: Playing with others

practicing the guitar together

How many things have you learned off YouTube?  It’s an amazing, instant resource.  But it doesn’t usually compare with learning directly from an experienced mentor and not nearly as fun as learning it with others.  That’s why we take cooking classes with our friends or in our grandmother’s kitchen.

We want our students to learn in that sort of supportive, collaborative environment too.  That is why we encourage music students to check out what it is like to play with an ensemble.  Playing with others if packed with opportunities to learn and grow.  And it’s SO FUN.

I realize that students may need to get basic skills mastered in their lessons before they are ready to dive into a rehearsal--but you also may be surprised that students can begin to improvise and jam very quickly, even if they only know a few notes.  If you are curious to check it out, you don’t have to be “advanced” or get to a certain age--you can check it out!  It can be a great motivator to help students practice and see the “real-life” application of their skills.

Our ensembles rehearse for two hours per week as a part of our “Excel” program.  Excel is for students that love making music: reading it, writing it, listening to it and making it up!  They have more time to perform, to work with others, and access to special content because we know the are committed to it.

Would you like to visit an ensemble?

If so, just contact roger@elkgrovemusiclessons.com or call us (916) 714-4544 to confirm the best group to visit.  We can’t wait to see you there!



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