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Imagine your child doesn’t just struggle through a couple of pages of homework after music lessons...instead they come home and talk about how they collaborated with a friend to write their own song, then sit down and improvise their own song.  Then show off their two favorite songs from memory, and talk about a famous composer or artist they recently learned about.  This is what a student looks like when they are truly ENGAGED in making music.

As the director here at NewSongs, one of the experiences that was important to me in my own musical growth was the transition from lessons to college.  As much as I enjoyed lessons, my college experience gave me a much BROADER experience about music (for instance, piano players don’t often join band or orchestra groups).  I am naturally very curious so I loved the chance to learn lots of DIFFERENT things about music--I enjoyed composing, arranging, exploring more genres, and gaining a deeper understanding of the “language of music.” 

Mr. Roger, our ensemble director, has similar values but from very different experiences.  He grew up playing with any and all garage bands he could, using music to build relationships with others and get the opportunity to perform for others and travel to new places.  He formed an identity as a musician with a way to express himself to others. 

No matter whether you are “classical” or “hard rock,” our Excel program is designed to help motivated students go beyond their lessons and get the most out of their musical experience.

If you choose to enroll in our Excel program, you continue in private lessons with any of our awesome staff.  But it also unlocks the chance to:

Join one of our ensembles for a two hour weekly rehearsal and perform with the group

Get a special feature performance when you can perform a solo set for a well produced “Corner Concert” video series

Take masterclasses (delivered live or virtually) to dive into a wide range of musical topics

Ready to go all in?  Ask for an application for the Excel program, or schedule a free visit to an ensemble rehearsal if you want to see what you may be missing.

We can’t wait to see what your student will do as a Music Maker!

Many thanks,

Mr. Michael

Director at NewSongs

Mr. Roger

Excel Ensemble Director



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